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How We Helped Our Client Rank for Over 1000+ Keywords in Just 8 Months

The law firm tried local listings and newspaper ads but didn’t see much growth. We suggested using search engine optimization (SEO) to boost their online presence. After checking their website and competition, we saw regular ads were too pricey and not effective. So, we recommended trying Google Ads alongside SEO to reach more people. Now, their site shows up for over 1000+ search terms, and they’re getting more clients, thanks to these strategies working together.

Business Category: Law Firm

Project Outcome: Increase in Keyword Rankings & Clients

Our Strategies

We focused on what people were searching for online, making sure our content matched their needs. By paying attention to user intent, we boosted our client’s visibility in search results. We used a smart formula called TF-IDF to improve content quality, outdoing competitors. Regularly updating content and contributing to top publications helped establish our client as a trusted authority in the legal field.

Our Challenges

Our main challenge was standing out in a crowded online space for our law firm client. Traditional ads weren’t working well, so we needed a new plan. Keeping content fresh and high-quality was tough, but we managed by understanding what users wanted. Getting noticed by top sites and building backlinks took effort, but it paid off. Despite these hurdles, our SEO strategies helped the law firm rank for over 1000+ keywords in just 8 months.